Advanced open water diver


Congratulations on your decision to continue your training as a diver and move on to the next level, the advanced open water diver course!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve successfully completed your Open Water Diver course and have become comfortable in the water. Now, you might be eager to expand your diving horizons by exploring diverse sites with varying conditions, including deeper dives, night dives, or navigating currents. It’s an exciting step to enhance your diving skills and experience new underwater adventures

Before signing up for your advanced open water diver course or diver 2*

Most diving agencies indeed allow you to do the first and second levels directly.

However, our honest opinion and common sense tell us that before moving on to the next course, you’re highly comfortable with Level 1 dives, up to 20 meters, and in calm water conditions. This foundational confidence is crucial for a smooth transition to more advanced courses.

How many dives have you done so far?

There is no set number of dives required to advance to the next level since each diver learns at their own pace. However, we recommend having at least 10-15 dives before signing up for advanced courses.

When was the last time you dived?

If you haven’t been diving in a while or don’t have much experience, it’s best to take a refresher course before signing up for advanced courses.

How is your air consumption and buoyancy control?

During the advanced course, we will reinforce these points. But it’s important to start with a strong foundation to maximize your learning.

Be honest with yourself and decide. You can always consult us and we can help you make the best decision.

If you feel unprepared, don’t worry. Everything happens in due time. Keep practicing and gaining experience while discovering new dive sites! And when the time comes, you will be ready to become an advanced diver.

In case you need to improve your buoyancy and air consumption, consider taking a buoyancy specialty course. This will help you improve in these two important aspects of diving.

And if you are ready, we will be happy to teach you all he theory and skills needed to dive deep autonomously while ensuring your complete safety, enabling you to feel like a fish in water.

Advanced open water diver course

This course is very comprehensive and includes 5 dives that are guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Firstly, we will review the knowledge you gained during your open water course, ensuring that everything is clear before we proceed to expand on it.

The 5 dives are designed to explore new areas of diving. Deep diving and underwater navigation are mandatory.

Deep Dive

So far with your training as a diver 1*, you’ve gone on dives up to a maximum depth of 20 meters, which is already impressive. At this depth, there is more light, and you can see a greater variety of marine life and colors. However, you can now expand your diving experience by going down to 30 meters. This will allow you to explore new and exciting diving spots, such as the mola mola cleaning station in Gili Mimpang, which is 27 meters deep, or the shark cave in Taked, which is 25 meters deep.

We will have a comprehensive discussion on deep diving, which will cover topics like understanding what deep diving is, planning your dives, and using the dive computer. Additionally, we will discuss how to plan accurate and safe dive profiles, as well as how to use safety equipment to ensure the safety of our dives.

If you choose to enroll in the ADIP course, you will be granted certification to perform decompression dives. During the course, we will provide a thorough explanation of decompression theory, including the distinction between recommended safety stops and mandatory decompression stops. Additionally, we will cover all the necessary procedures to ensure that you can perform your dives safely.

Both deep diving and decompression diving do not have to be a goal as such for all dives. But it may be that at a given moment you want to go see something specific at a given depth and stay there longer. Having the knowledge of how to do it is essential to always enjoy your dives in a completely safe way.

Underwater Navigation

During the navigation dive you will learn more about how to use the compass and take natural references both on land and underwater so you can always return safely to the beach or boat.


And of course we are going to work on buoyancy since it is the key to being able to dive safely. In the course we will work so that you can dive with the correct weight and be able to maintain perfect neutral buoyancy throughout the entire dive. It is essential to be able to control all your climbs in any situation and even help a partner make a safe climb if necessary. You will also learn how to put the marker buoy on the surface while maintaining the correct tension and your neutral buoyancy.

Other specialties

As with this course you are going to obtain a certification to be an autonomous diver at a maximum of 30 meters, if you do your training with Adip, we will dedicate part of the dives to give an introduction on how to assist a partner if they need it.

The other adventure dives are an introduction to different specialties and you can choose the ones you like the most. It depends on your experience so far, we can do night dives, diving with Nitrox or diving in currents for example.

You can ask us and we will help you choose the ones that best fit your profile.

Nitrox specialty course

For those who want to learn more, you can do the Nitrox diving specialty during the course. Nitrox allows you to spend longer time at a given depth without having to go into deco. Nitrox has more oxygen and less nitrogen so your surface intervals can be shorter, the time before flying is reduced and you are further away from the risk of nitrogen narcosis or decompression sickness.

It is a specialty course that you can combine with your Advanced course and you practice it while doing the course dives.

Requirements to sign up for the advanced open water diver course:

  • Minimum age: 15 years.
  • Have open water diver certification or equivalent


Advanced Course: 2 days / 5 dives:

  • ADIP: 4,900,000 IDR
  • SSI: 5,500,000 IDR

Advanced + Nitrox Course:

  • ADIP 6,500,000 IDR
  • SSI: 7,100,000 IDR

The price includes:

  • Private instructor so that you can enjoy the course safely and at your own pace
  • Online didactic materials
  • Full diving equipment
  • Diving insurance
  • Certification card cost
  • Mineral water, snacks, and lunch
  • Transfer to the best dive spots (land and sea)
  • Transfer from your hotel in the Candidasa and Manggis area. If you stay in another part of the island, we can organize a car to pick you up. The price varies depending on the distance.
  • Marine park fees
  • Porters and tax

Your can use your new passport as an advanced diver worldwide. It opens the doors to new dive experiences.

Happy and safe bubbles!

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