Open water diver course


Open Water Diver Course in Bali

🌏 Take your Open Water Diver course in Bali and explore the other 71% of the planet 🌏

The Open Water Diver program teaches the knowledge and skills to dive safely and independently up to 20 meters deep with a buddy of equal qualification.

🐑 🐠 Bali is one of the world’s best places for diving. Its diverse marine life and stunning underwater scenarios make it a privilege to do your first level of diving here 🐠 🐑

Personalized courses

Southern Dreams Diving Club offers private or small group diving sessions. Each reservation is assigned its instructor, who has a maximum of two students. We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

With personalized training and taking enough time, we make sure you are truly comfortable underwater!

How we organize the Open Water Diver course:

Southern Dreams Diving Club offers Open Water training that spans over three days.

Day 1 – Diving Theory and Confined Water Training.

On the first day, we start at 8:00 a.m. If you are staying in the Candidasa or Manggis area, we will pick you up (transfer is included). If you are staying in another area of ​​the island, we can organize a car to pick you up. The price varies depending on the distance.

We send you the theory when you confirm your reservation so you can read it calmly and at your own pace.

When you arrive at Southern Dreams, we will complete all the paperwork, try the diving equipment, and review the most important aspects of the theory.

Next, we go to the pool and practice crucial exercises to make you feel more comfortable in the water. For example, you will learn how to control your buoyancy and practice all the necessary skills to dive anywhere in the world. It’s easy, exciting, and fun!

Once the pool session is over, we return to the diving center, where we all eat together while we clarify any doubts about everything we have learned today.

It depends on how you feel, the first day we finish between 1 and 3 in the afternoon.

2nd day– Open water dives 1 and 2

On the second day, we started at 8:30 a.m. The time has come to practice everything you have learned so far in the sea, enjoy two dives, and discover all the marine fauna and flora in Bali.

Between dives, we relax on the beach or on the boat while we have coffee, tea, and snacks. After the second dive, we all eat together, fill out the dive logbook, and take you back to your hotel.

Day 3 – Open Water Dives 3 and 4 and final exam

On the last day of your diving course, the schedule remains the same as the previous day. We begin at 8:30 am and proceed with two dives, where you can practice the skills you’ve learned so far, reinforce your existing knowledge, and, at the same time, explore new diving spots.

Finally, there is only the final exam. You must get a minimum of 80% to pass. It will be very easy with everything you have read, your instructor’s instructions, and all the practices.

Depending on the location where we dived, we finished the last two days between approximately 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

πŸ’Ž Open Water Diver Course Deluxe

And if you want even more, we also offer the Open Water Deluxe course at Southern Dreams Diving Club. What is the difference? We performed six dives in the sea instead of just four as the standards require. This way, you can get the most out of your Open Water Diver course.

We do the Open Water Diver Deluxe course in 4 days, which allows you to get more experience and discover more diving spots.

The Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide and valid for life, so your diving experiences will be limitless. Congratulations!!

Where do we do the dives?

Bali is an ideal place to start your diving adventure as it has numerous dives in super calm waters with incredible underwater environments.

From Southern Dreams, we dive along the entire east coast of Bali. Every day, we look at the sea conditions and choose the best diving spots so you can enjoy your dives safely.

The most popular spots for the open-water diver course are the USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben, the Amed coral gardens, or the Blue Lagoon area in Padangbai.

πŸͺΈπŸšπŸ™πŸ’ These areas are full of life! You will see all kinds of corals, hundreds of reef fish, rays, and turtles. Little by little, you will learn to identify the most common species πŸ’πŸ™πŸšπŸͺΈ

Minimum age to enroll in Open Water Diver Course:

12 years old.

Note: Students younger than 15 years old will be certified as Junior Open Water Divers. That means they must dive under the direct supervision of a dive professional or with a certified adult in environments equivalent to their training and within the recommended depth limits.

Conditions:  A Confidential Medical Form must be filled out before enrollment, and a physician’s release may be required.


βœ… Open Water Diver: 3 days / 4 dives:

  • ADIP: 6,500,000 IDR
  • SSI: 7,000,000 IDR

βœ… Open Water Diver Deluxe: 4 days / 6 dives:

  • ADIP: 8,000,000 IDR
  • SSI: 8,500,000 IDR

βœ… The price includes:

  • Private instructor so that you can enjoy the course safely and at your own pace
  • Online didactic materials
  • Full diving equipment
  • Diving insurance
  • Certification card cost
  • Mineral water, snacks, and lunch
  • Transfer to the best dive spots (land and sea)
  • Transfer from your hotel in the Candidasa and Manggis area. If you stay in another part of the island, we can organize a car to pick you up. The price varies depending on the distance.
  • Marine park fees
  • Porters and tax

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn to dive with one of Bali’s leading diving centers!

Let’s get the adventure started!

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