Open water diver course


Open Water Diver Course in Bali

Get your Open Water Diver course in Bali with the best! With Southern Dreams Diving club.

Becoming an Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure due to worldwide recognition! And why not do it in one of the best places in the world for scuba diving?

With rich marine biodiversity and beautiful sceneries, Indonesia is a great place for diving. And with its calm sea conditions and amazing surroundings, Bali is an ideal place to start your scuba diving adventure.

Open Water Diver program provides students with the knowledge and training necessary to dive autonomously with an equally- or more qualified buddy, in environments equivalent to their training and to depths shallower than 18 meters.

With personalized training and taking enough time, we make sure you are truly comfortable underwater!

Minimum age to enroll in Open Water Diver Course:

10 years old.

Note: Students younger than 15 years old will be certified as a Junior Open Water Divers. That means must dive under the direct supervision of a dive professional or with a certified adult in environments equivalent to their training and within the recommended depth limits.

Conditions:  A Confidential Medical Form must be filled out before enrolment and a physician’s release may be required.

The course cost:

  • Open Water Diver – 3 days / 4 dives: 5,800,000 IDR
  • Open Water Diver Deluxe – 4 days / 6 dives: 6,900,000 IDR

The price includes:

  • Online didactic materials
  • Full diving equipment
  • Certification card cost
  • Mineral water, snacks, and lunch
  • Transfer to the best dive spots (land and sea)
  • Marine park fees
  • Porters and tax

At Southern Dreams Diving Club, Open Water training will happen over a minimum of 3 days:

Day 1 – Diving Theory and Confined Water Training.

The online SSI Training Materials are designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace. For instance, when and where it is convenient for you. After, you will attend review sessions at Southern Dreams Diving Club with your Instructor.

After completing the theories online, you can begin your in-water training. It’s easy, exciting, and also fun!

Confined Water Training will be in the swimming pool. You will complete six pool sessions under the guidance of your experienced and friendly Instructors. You will be able to practice crucial scuba skills that will benefit your comfort level. Therefore you will learn the skills to be able to dive anywhere in the world.

Day 2 – Open Water Dives 1 and 2

It’s time to go to the sea!

You will do two dives where you can practices and experience everything you learned the previous day, but this time, in the open ocean.

The first 2 open water dives will be conducted shallower than 12 meters and under the direct supervision of your Instructor.

Day 3 – Open Water Dives 3 and 4 and final exam

On this day we do 2 more dives, to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

And after, you do the final exam. In fact, you need to score a minimum of 80% to pass. Just to clarify. Because you can learn the theory even before arriving in Bali, you can do the exam any time as long as you are ready!

Upon completing all the requirements, you will become a Certified Diver. The SSI Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless. Congratulations!!

Note: The maximum depth for all 10 and 11-year-olds during all training dives is 12 meters.

Open Water Diver Course Deluxe

Do you want even more? In addition, at Southern Dreams Diving Club, we offer Open Water Diver Course Deluxe. That means, we do six open water dives instead of the four required by the standards. Therefore you have the chance to get the best out of your Open Water Diver Course. First, gain more confidence and also practice and master your diving skills.

Let’s get the adventure started!