Deep diver 40 meters


ADIP deep diver specialty course to 40 meters (P40-A). The blue and deep-diving get the attention of many divers. Diving in areas where few have been, continue to discover the ocean, different marine life, who does not want to dive there?

But deep diving and decompression diving also carry some risks. To perform these dives safely, you need the proper skills and knowledge, and that is exactly what the ADIP deep diving course provides you.

Without proper training, this type of diving is dangerous. To plan your dives correctly, you must first be aware of all the potential risks that involve deep and decompression diving. The deep-diving course at 40 meters will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to perform this type of dive in a totally safe and comfortable way.

This type of training cannot be improvised and requires serious preparation to venture safely and calmly into a world where everything is blue.


  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a 2* diver or equivalent (Advanced Level up to 30 meters).
  • Have at least 5 logged dives deeper than 20 meters.

Additional Information:

To safely enjoy deep and decompression diving it is necessary that you have a good base such as perfect buoyancy and good air consumption. That is why we advise all candidates who want to enroll in this course to do a day of diving with our instructors to be able to assess the capabilities and give a recommendation to the candidate totally personalized, honest and professional.


3 days / 6 dives

How we do the ADIP 40-meter deep diver specialty course:

The course consists of two parts, theory and practice. From the moment that you sign up for the course, you will have access to the theory online. In this way, you can start your course even before coming to Candidasa.

Upon arrival at Southern Dreams Diving Club, the first thing we do is fill out all the course forms, check all documentation (diving certifications, logbook, and medical certificate), and prepare the complete diving equipment that you will use throughout the course.

We complete the practical portion over three days, during which we will conduct a total of six dives. Each day, we start with the deepest dive, and during the second dive of the day, we can continue practicing the skills you need to improve. On the first day, we will dive to over 30 meters, and on the following two days, we can go down to 40 meters

Where will we do the dives of the deep-diving course?

In Bali, we dive in more than 50 different spots. Sea conditions change depending on the moons, the tides, and the wind. This ain’t no impediment, but quite the opposite. Every day we check the sea conditions and we choose the diving spots with the optimal sea conditions for our clients and the activity they are going to do that day.

We can do the deep diving specialty course at 40 meters in Candidasa, Padangbai, Amed, Tulamben or even Nusa Penida. Note: Nusa dives Penida has an additional fee to cover the cost of the speed boat to the island.

Price deep diver to 40 meters specialty course (P40-A):

Deep diving course 40 meters ADIP: 6,200,000 IDR

It includes:

  • Full diving equipment
  • 6 dives
  • Unlimited mineral water, coffee/tea, snacks, and food
  • Entrance to marine parks, porters, and fees
  • Electronic certification as specialty autonomous deep diver at 40 meters recognized worldwide

Deep diver and Nitrox specialty coures. Get two certifications instead of one!

At Southern Dreams Diving Club we also offer our clients the option of doing the deep-diving course at 40 meters and the Nitrox course at the same time. In this way, you can enjoy more bottom time during your dives and get, at the same time 2 certifications. The duration of the course and the number of dives are the same. The difference is that you will have to study the theory of diving with Enriched Air Nitrox and do the practice during the course.

This is undoubtedly our most recommended option if you still do not have your specialty in Nitrox. Actually, it is how we normally plan our deep dives in Candidasa. The first dive with air, so we can go deeper if we wish, and the second with enriched air to be able to have more bottom time to enjoy to the fullest our dive.

ADIP deep diving course 40 meters + Nitrox: 7,500,000 IDR

Are you ready to become a deep diver? Then,

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