Diving courses in Bali

Taking Diving Courses in Bali with Southern Dreams Diving Club is an experience you will never forget!  Honestly, we really believe in training. In fact, choosing the course which is right for you is the best way to improve your diving knowledge, skills, and experience as well.

Even more, we take satisfaction in adding value to everything we do. In fact, we believe we will never stop learning and never stop evolving as divers. It is true that every time we go underwater, we learn something new. And that’s the reason why we keep on diving!

About us

Southern Dreams Diving Club is a certified and affiliate SSI dive center in Bali (number 741186). We are proud to say that our experienced instructors have graduated in PADI, CMAS, ADIP, and SSI. This means they have completed not one, but four agency-certified instructor training programs. Frankly, the great thing about this for you is that you will receive quality and advanced training when you complete your diving courses in Bali with us.

On the other hand, in terms of recognition, there is no difference between the four diving associations. Also, all of them are internationally recognized and you can even move interchangeably between agencies. To clarify, even if you did your Open Water course with PADI/CMAS/ADIP you can do your Advanced with SSI and you could still go on to do your Rescue course with PADI or vice-versa.

In terms of training, there are some differences. Meanwhile, SSI and PADI teach recreational diving to a maximum depth of 40 meters (Deep Diver Specialty Course is required), CMAS and ADIP teach decompression dives to a maximum depth of 60 meters. Therefore Level 3 required.

SSI and ADIP dive center

To clarify, that’s why we have chosen to be both, SSI and ADIP dive center.

Above all, depending on your goal as a diver, you can choose the path you want to follow.


Diving Courses in Bali for beginners

• Try Dive – Scuba Diving for Children (8 years+)

Discover Scuba Diving – Introduction Dive for Beginners. Minimum age 10 years old.

Open Water Diver. Entry-level scuba Diving Certification

Master your skills

Advanced Adventurer Diver Course. Continued Education

Stress and Rescue – For Confirmed Divers

Become a professional diver

Dive Master Internship Course – First Professional Certification

• SSI Scuba Diving Specialties – Master your diving skills

Why taking a diving course in Bali with Southern Dreams Diving Club?

With its warm waters, great visibility, an abundance of fish, and on top, spectacular underwater scenarios, we can warranty you will never forget this remarkable and also fun experience, taking a diving course in Bali.

In addition, we have brand new and rigorously service dive equipment.

Most importantly, we offer individual training or small groups only. In other words, your diving course will be unique!

To sum up, whether you are interested in taking your first dive, becoming a Dive Master, or taking an Emergency First Response course, at Southern Dreams Diving Club, our instructors can help you achieve your goals in a safe, friendly and professional environment.

Even more, you will have the opportunity to dive in some of the best dive sites in the world!