Dive master


The Dive Master Course is a fun and challenging opportunity for those wishing to become dive professionals. Candidasa and Bali are great places to go for it.

Are you ready to become a pro in diving? Then, this is the course for you!

Why do the dive master course in Candidasa?

From Candidasa, we dive in more than 50 different dive sites. In fact, this allows you to learn about diving in different environments and also to learn about a wider variety of marine life.

We do shore dives and also boat dives. We dive in calm waters but also in strong currents. Likely, we do cave diving, deep diving, and even swim-throughs! Honestly, you will have the chance to learn about all the different environments that will open the door for you to go diving everywhere in the world!

Dive Master Course

During the course, you will strengthen your dive theory knowledge. For instance, in diving physics, diving physiology, decompression theory, diving equipment, and also the aquatic environment,  which is the foundation for creative problem-solving.

Training builds on the problem-solving skills developed in the Rescue diver course. Even more, it extends its application from accident management and prevention as well to supervising students and certified divers.

The course also helps divers to gain the appropriate leadership attitude and also prepares them to make sound judgment calls. Divemaster candidates learn to problem-solve safety-related issues and to have a positive, solution-oriented attitude toward customer service, business, and operational challenges.

The dive Master’s program is a course for people with a passion for scuba diving, the sea, the lifestyle, and the conservation of marine life and habitats. Even more, if you can work in something you love, consider yourself a very fortunate person.

Dive Masters are also looked up to by other divers and they have the ability to be leaders and mentors that can motivate others. In fact, once you have completed the training you will have leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise and guide certified divers on recreational scuba dives, assist Instructors with conducting entry-level and continuing education scuba training programs, and also manage certain areas of a dive operation.

It is the most challenging program and also your first step in your professional career as a diver. Are you ready for this?


  • minimum age 18 years old
  • Be EFR (First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen Provider) plus Rescue Diver Certified (or equivalent)
  • must have logged at least 40 open water dives to start
  • minimum of 60 logged dives on completion
  • medical clearance signed by a Doctor in the last 12 months


This course is tailored to suit each candidate’s requirements. Therefore, scheduling takes place to suit your ability and needs. For this reason, the duration of this course depends on individual abilities, diving history, and requirements as well. In fact, it can take anything from 4 to 6 weeks. At Southern Dreams Diving Club we do not recommend a shorter period than this as it places undue stress on you and does not maximize the quality of instruction.

Price Dive Master Course

Rp 21,000,000

The price of the course includes:

  • Online didactic materials translated into more than 30 languages
  • Full set diving equipment
  • Certification card and cost fees and also crew pack
  • Transfer to the best dive sites in Bali (land and sea)
  • Unlimited water, coffee, tea, snacks and lunch on the diving days
  • Marine park fees and also porters and taxes

Are you ready to become a Dive Master?

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