P60-A Specialty Deep diver course 60 meters


ADIP 60-meter deep diving specialty course (P60-A) is the last step in deep-dive training in sportive diving. In this course, you learn more theory and more advanced skills than in the deep-diving course to 40 meters to dive with security to a maximum of 60 meters.

Prerequisites for the deep-diving specialty course at 60 meters (P60-A):

  • Minimum age 18 years old.
  • Be a 3* diver or equivalent (rescue diver and deep diver to 40 meters).
  • Be certified as DiveMedic + O2 ADIP or have an equivalent certification in the last 24 months or an update within the last 2 years.
  • Have at least 5 logged dives deeper than 30 meters.


Specialty Course in Deep Diving 60 meters: 3 days / 6 dives

P60-A Course structure:

The course consists of a theoretical part and a practice.

The theory includes the following topics among others:

  • Why dive deeper?
  • Decompression theory
  • Manage, adjust, understand the dive computer and what to do in case of failure
  • Buddy communication specific to deep and decompression diving
  • Risks and accidents
  • Emergency procedures
  • Organizing and planning a deep dive
  • Calculation and management of air and dive time
  • Deep diving techniques
  • Diving accidents treatment and first aid

We do the practice in 3 days, where we will make a total of 6 dives, 2 dives per day. On the first day, we descend to 45 meters, the second to 50, and the last day to a maximum of 60 meters depth.


Deep diving specialty course to 60 meters: 5,100,000 IDR

Deep Diving 60 meters and Nitrox Certification: 5,900,000 IDR

It includes:

  • Complete diving equipment
  • 6 dives instead of the 3 required by the standards
  • Unlimited mineral water, coffee/tea, snacks, and food 
  • Entrance to marine parks, porters, and fees
  • Electronic certification as an autonomous deep diver at 60 meters worldwide-recognized 

Are you ready to become a deep diver to 60 meters?

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