Emergency First Response and Rescue Diver


Rescue Diver Course

During the Rescue diver course, you will learn to look beyond yourself to consider other divers’ safety and well-being. Besides, you will learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem-solving skills until they become second nature.

In addition, you will expand your knowledge about essential problem prevention and accident management skills as well. On top of that, during the course, you will learn to manage more complex dive emergencies and to apply direct intervention techniques to assist others in an emergency state.

Honestly, this course is the most challenging and more physically demanding than any diving course you have done. Yet it is the most rewarding at the same time. Even more, it is a lot of fun!  It’s a serious course but still allows lots of laughter between the focused learning.

Many participants also are looking forward to becoming Dive professionals. This course is a prerequisite for all leadership-level training. For instance, to become a Dive Guide, Dive Master, or Diving Instructor. In other words, the rescue diver course gives you a solid base we can build. To sum up, great Rescue skills are essential to a Dive Professional.

Rescue Diver Course, how does it work?

The course typically takes 3 days to complete but is performance-based training, not time-based. That means you may need more days to complete it fully. Most important is you feel absolutely comfortable as a rescue diver at the end of the course.

Theory Rescue Diver Course

Like any other diving course, you need to start studying the theory. We will send you the theory when you sign up for the course. It means you will complete the theory at your own pace. Afterward, you will review it with your Instructor before taking the final exam.

What you will learn is :

  • What is stress and also how to manage stress in other divers
  • How to manage an emergency
  • How to rescue yourself
  • Conditions that complicate rescues
  • How to rescue a panicked and unresponsive diver

After it is time to go in the water! First, there are several skills that your instructor will practice with you in the sea. For example, self-rescuing skills, buddy assist, buddy rescue, search patterns, and also in-water rescue breathes. Once you master the skills individually, it will be time to test them in more realistic situations. Hence, your instructor will set up two simulated dive emergencies, which you will then manage from start to finish. Needless to say, you will need to employ the skills acquired during your theory and skills practice to ensure everyone survives.

Candidates prerequisites:

  • Be 15 years old or more
  • Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent.
  • Have Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (CPR and First Aid) training within the past twenty-four months.

ADIP*** rescue courses require all of the above plus:

  • Minimum 25 logged dives, including 5 deep dives

Choose the best rescue diver course for you:

At Southern Dreams Diving Club we offer 3 rescue courses, following the standards of different associations:

SSI stress and rescue

  • Minimum 12 years old
  • 2 days / 4 dives
  • Price 4,900,000 IDR

Rescue Diver Course – ADIP***

Recue Diver Course – ADIP*** Deep 60

The price includes:

  • Online didactic materials translated into more than 30 languages
  • Full diving equipment
  • Certification card cost
  • Mineral water, snacks, and lunch
  • Transfer to the best dive spots in Bali (land and sea)
  • Marine park fees and also porters and tax

Emergency First Responder Course

EFR, Primary and Secondary Care (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver course.

During the program, you will learn how to respond to life-threatening emergencies. In fact, the course focuses on primary care It is a combination of knowledge development, skill development, and realistic scenario practice as well. The reason is to make sure participants have confidence in their ability to provide care when emergency situations arise.

Primary Care (CPR) skills taught in this course:

  • Scene safety assessment universal precautions
  • Communicable disease protection, including barrier use
  • Primary assessment
  • Rescue breathing
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Obstructed airway management
  • Serious bleeding management
  • Shock and also spinal injury management

Duration: 1 day

Price: 2,500,000 IDR

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