Living the Southern Dream

Our team

Southern Dreams Diving Club is the end result of the passion of two people who have made it their dream to introduce a growing circle of friends to the wide diversity of underwater possibilities in Eastern Bali.


Ludo is French and has spent most of his life in the ocean … starting in Thailand, moving on to France, French Polynesia, the Philippines, and now the culturally dynamic island of Bali. A dive Instructor Trainer, he is also a recognized underwater photographer and videographer.


Patricia was born in Spain, but a visit to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef launched her career as a dive Instructor Trainer with experience gained in Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and now Bali.

Helping achieve their Southern Dream, to have their dive center in Candidasa, Bali required the support of friends and perhaps the best example is Pak Made, the Balinese founder of Impian Selatan (Southern Dream). When he closed his dive operation at Buitan, a relatively secret beach located just south of Candidasa, perhaps the thought was that the Dream had died. That’s when Patricia and Ludo decided to ensure that the diving dream continues with their guests and students. Southern Dreams re-opened its doors under Ludo and Patricia’s care and we can say with certainty that the Dream is still alive.

Who else is on our team?


Gusti started his career as a professional dive guide in 2006. Since then he has never stopped diving.

He gained experience working in different dive centers in the area and has done thousands of dives in Bali. His dream was to continue his career and become a dive Instructor. In 2022 his dream finally came true. He did his training at Southern Dreams Diving Club and straight away became part of our team.

He is Balinese, an easy-going and smiling person, passionate, professional, and a safety diver. Gusti is a super expert in both, currents, and also in macro dives. With his sharp eyes, he can find the strangest and smallest critters.

Gusti can also teach you everything about diving. With his wide experience, you can rest assured that you will have an unforgettable experience in Bali.