When will Bali open to tourism?


The most asked question since the beginning of the pandemic is: when will Bali open to tourism? Unfortunately, so far no one knows the answer.

Bali reopening plan to tourism delayed

Covid-19. Update July 2021. The plan to reopen Indonesia’s borders to tourism for this summer has been postponed.

The government aimed to open the borders at the end of July, beginning of August 2021, but coronavirus infections have increased notably in recent weeks (especially on Java island). Hence they have decided to delay the plan until the daily cases of infections drop significantly.

In addition, to help contain the virus, the government has imposed a series of temporary emergency measures such as the closure of non-essential activities. Therefore scuba diving in Bali is not possible at the moment.

So once again, we have to temporarily close Southern Dreams Diving Club. These are difficult times in Bali, and we all have to make an effort to help contain the spread of Covid-19.

For foreigners who want to come to Indonesia, there is no option to get a tourist visa on arrival. Only those who have a Visa and residence permit, diplomats, and emergency medical personnel can enter the country. Tourists cannot currently travel to Bali.

There are also new changes in the entry requirements. The new measures include, among others, the obligation to be fully vaccinated and to quarantine for 8 days in hotels designated by the government.

In Indonesia, there are more than 17,000 islands, and the incidence is very different in each of them

The pandemic is hitting harder the big crowded cities, while the incidence in the village is much lower. Karangasem and Candidasa where we are located are one of the few regions in Bali that today is a green zone. However, as in the rest of the world, it is mandatory to maintain social distance, wear a mask in public places and follow all the recommended hygiene guidelines.

We are in direct contact with the local authorities who are confirming the real situation in our area every day and giving us guidelines on what we can and cannot do to help.

How are we at Southern Dreams Diving Club?

Our small team continues to stick together and support each other.We try to keep the faith and stay focus while waiting for the moment we can continue safely diving with you.

To all our clients and friends, we want to say thank you for all your messages and support. We are also grateful to all those who have come to visit us during this difficult year. Thanks to you, we keep our hope and faith. You give us the strength and the light to continue to carry on with our dream. Thank you very much from our heart!

When will Bali open to tourism? We will keep you updated. Hopefully, the situation gets better soon, and you can come to visit us. We will be in Candidasa waiting for you.

UPDATE: Starting October 14, 2021, you can travel to Bali, although there are still some restrictions that you should know. Click here to read all the latest news to travel to Bali.

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